The Bear 🐻

I am a computer nerd and work as a Senior Web Developer; I've been doing this since 2005, so I've seen (and learned) a thing or two in all these years. I am a big fan of automation and try to use it whenever and wherever I can; call it scripts and macros to help me with my job and hobbies, home automation, and many other things.

The Gear 💻

I am an Apple fan. I started using their products circa 2013 and have been using them since. My laptop is a MacBook Air M1; my phone is an iPhone 14 Pro, and I wear my Apple Watch almost daily.

The Site ✍️

This site is not my first one. In all my years surfing the interwebs, I have had a fair share of websites, blogs, social accounts, etc.

I plan to use this site to share my thoughts about technology, web development, nerdy things, and the occasional dog (or cat) picture.