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I usually don't stress thinking or having an opinion about what others do or think. My motto in these cases is mostly you do you, but with the recent actions taken by Elon Musk, one has to stop and think a bit about it.


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If you work with WordPress and WPBakery (also known by some as Visual Composer) chances are you have had to develop a custom shortcode element. Although I think WPBakery is a pretty good developer tool, their docs are far from being the best ones, and they are sometimes pretty hard to find.

To save myself (and you) some research time, here are some developer links I use a lot:

I am a big fan of having, following, and enforcing a Code of Conduct (CoC) in all projects where I participate. If by any chance they do not have one, I always seek to collaborate with the project maintainers to adopt one that aligns properly with their values. So far I have seen great results, we all grow together, and ensure a safe and civilized space for everyone.

My favorite Code of Conduct, is Contributor Covenant. It is pretty easy to understand, pretty easy to implement, and it is backed by a lot of open source projects.


A few days ago while I was doing some note cleanup and brainstorming for post ideas, I found a list of good practices for presentations and screen sharing I wrote some years ago and, even though we are already well into the new remote age, I decided to share them with you.

I hope you (or someone close to you) find them helpful.


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I understand not everyone has or will have the privileges of good mentors, internet access, or even knowing how to read and understand English, but for those who have them, is that I want to share these bites of wisdom that have helped me advance my career over 17 years now.

Let me give you a bit of context about me. I graduated from CS back in 2005, in a small university at my home town (Puebla, Mexico); and paid most of it by working in a small computer repair shop near my home. Most of what I know today I either learned it from great mentors I have had over the years, because of someone answering my question in some form of online platform, or self thought.

When you start learning something, a programming language, a library you want to use, heck, even a new code editor, you will have that feeling of uncertainty and that is OK, do not run away from it, embrace it. If you know how to channel this feeling into questions and searches, you will go far. There is nothing more exciting and intimidating that start a new project, in an empty folder, with an empty file; so many possibilities but where and how do I start?


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Some time ago, someone asked me how to create a list of diplomas using a static background image and a list of names. The problem was simple enough to be implemented in less than 30 mins, so I decided to give a try and here is what I ended up with.

This is a simple PHP script with some assumptions that can be run directly in the command line. It can easily be tweaked to fulfill other more complex requirements, like water marking images, mobile optimized images, reading data from Google Spreadsheets or Airtable, etc., so feel free to fork the repo or download the source and hack it as you need it.

With the code below I go:

From this… …to this
Empty Diploma Filled in Diploma

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Over the weekend I was working on a small side project for a meetup I started attending to a few weeks ago. I am printing a QR code (with a link) for a small flyer and adding an NFC tag (with the same link) to it as well. All of the sudden I was thinking πŸ€” I need a practical way to update a my link without having to print again my QR code and reprogram the NFC tag.

My initial thinking was to just use one of the many services out there but then I thought why not build a really simple one so I can update it as I need?, I also wanted to have a quick way of updating it without having to republish the code, or jumping into an ssh session to change some file on a server.

The answer πŸ’‘ I came up was to write a pretty small, yet effective, PHP script that gets an ID, fetches the real link from Airtable, and ends up redirecting the browser to the real link.